Age Divisions, Holes Played & Yardages


8 & Under 9 holes 50 – 100 yards 125 – 200 yards 200 – 250 yards 1,500
9 – 10 9 holes 75 – 125 yards 200 – 275 yards 275 – 350 yards 2,000
11 – 12 9 holes 100 – 175 yards 250 – 350 yards 350 – 425 yards 2,600
12 – 13 18 holes 125 – 190 yards 275 – 425 yards 450 – 500 yards 6,000
14 – 18 18 holes 125 – 225 yards 300 – 470 yards 475 – 575 yards 6,500


11 & Under 9 holes 60 – 110 yards 150 – 225 yards 225 – 300 yards 1,700
11 – 13 18 holes 100 – 160 yards 225 – 380 yards 400 – 475 yards 5,200
14 – 18 18 holes 100 – 180 yards 250 – 425 yards 425 – 500 yards 5,800

*  The Age Division that players compete in for the ENTIRE season is based on the player’s age as of JANUARY 1st of the current year. For example, a 10 year old boy that turns 11 on January 30th plays in the Boys 9-10 age division all year long. Players can play UP to the next higher age division if desired. Also, we have 2 ‘cross-over’ divisions, which are our Boys 11-12 and Girls 11-13 Divisions. 12-yr old Boys can choose to compete in Boys 11-12 which is a 9-hole division OR Boys 12-13 which is an 18-hole division. 11-yr old Girls can choose to compete in Girls 11-Under which is a 9-hole division OR Girls 11-13 which is an 18-hole division. 18-hole age divisions DO NOT use caddies; 9-hole divisions DO use caddies.

** Please keep in mind that on different courses, the total yardage may play shorter or longer than the average.

Scoring & Awards


The 18-hole age divisions will use stroke play for scoring in all events.

All 2-day events are Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) ranked. For JGS reporting, the results in the Boys 14-15 AND 16-18 are COMBINED, and these players compete from the same set of tees. Similarly, the results in the Girls 11-13 AND 14-18 are also COMBINED, and these players compete from the same set of tees.

9-hole age divisions will score tournaments using either stroke play or a Stableford point system. Stroke limits are used for 9-hole stroke play events. Scoring format will be determined prior to each event.

9-hole age divisions will score most tournaments using a modified Stableford point system. Our Stableford point system is a fun format that allows juniors the opportunity to compete, where one bad shot or one bad hole does not ruin the entire round. Players who score the most total points win.

The point system for each hole is scored as follows:

  • Eagle = 6 points
  • Birdie = 5 points
  • Par = 4 points
  • Bogey = 3 points
  • Double Bogey = 2 points
  • Triple Bogey = 1 point *

* Triple Bogey or higher = 1 point. Once you reach triple bogey on a hole, you must pick up and keep the pace of play moving!


18-hole age divisions: It is YOUR responsibility as a “marker” to keep the score of a fellow competitor. After the completion of each hole, you must verify and write down their score on their card.

9-hole age divisions: Mark the score of your fellow player after each hole, and mark the points of your fellow player underneath the scores for each hole.

All scorecards must have two signatures and be returned to the official scoring area tent.


If possible, ties for first place in any age division will be decided by a “chip-off” as determined by the Tour staff. If a chip-off cannot be completed, the winner will be decided by a matching of scorecards as follows:

  1. Total of the final 3 holes
  2. Total of the final 6 holes
  3. From the last hole going backwards until a winner is determined

All ties for 2nd and 3rd place will also be decided by a matching of score cards as described above.


For each tournament, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players competing in each age division.

At the final event of each seasonal tournament series (Spring, Summer and Fall), there will be one overall winner with the award going to the series point leader in each age division.

The top 6 point leaders in each age division for the entire year (ALL tournaments) will qualify for the Tour Championship at Reynolds Lake Oconee.

At the Tour Championship, there will be prizes for the top 3 players in each age division, as well as one award to the overall points leader for the entire year in each age division (Player of the Year). Additionally the Tour Championship Tournament winner in the boys and girls 15-18 age divisions will receive a full exemption into one American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) event in the following calendar year.

The top 4 finishers of each age group from the Tour Championship will qualify to play in the Ed Hoard Cup, a special Ryder Cup-style, team match play tournament.


All players earn points based on how he/she places in each tournament played. These points are used to determine the points leaders for each Tour series (Spring, Summer and Fall), who will qualify for the Tour Championship, and awarding the NGJG Tour Players of the Year. Points earnings are decreased if there is not a full field of at least five players for the age division. Also, players earn extra points for playing in championship events such as the Greater Athens City Jr. Championship and the Tour Championship.

For a complete points breakdown, please view NGJG Points Earnings by Event Type and Field Size.

Points earned for all standard one-day events with a full field (at least five players in the age division) are as follows: 1st – 100 points; 2nd – 75 points; 3rd – 50 points; 4th – 45 points; 5th – 40 points; …

Points earned for all standard two-day events with a full field (at least five players in the age division) are as follows: 1st – 150 points; 2nd – 100 points; 3rd – 75 points; 4th – 65 points; 5th – 60 points; …

Winning a Series is not an automatic exemption into the Tour Championship; however, players are recognized for his/her sustained excellence during each segment of the Tour schedule.

Player-of-Year Points will also be earned in the Match Play event. More details on qualifying/points earned will be announced prior to the event.

Rules & Regulations


All players and parents must wear proper golf attire in accordance with the following:

Boys are required to wear “khaki” style pants or shorts, and shirts must have a collar.

Girls are required to wear “khaki” style pants, shorts, skirts and golf appropriate shirts (girls may wear shirts without a collar).


Metal Spikes are prohibited – softspikes only are allowed on the course.

If anyone shows up to an event without proper attire, they will be required to change or they will not be allowed on the course.


Players must NOT engage in the following behavior: club throwing; banging your club on the ground; abusive language; yelling; disrespect toward fellow players, Tour staff, parents or volunteers; cheating; or any conduct that is considered unbecoming to the game of golf.

Players engaging in these behaviors will receive one warning. A second violation will result in disqualification from an event. Serious or repeated violations may result in suspension from future events. The Tour staff reserve the right to revoke a player’s membership at any time for serious and/or repeated violations of conduct.

Tobacco products, alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited and are not allowed on any golf course or driving range at any time. The use of these products will result in immediate disqualification from an event and automatic suspension from the Tour.


Groups are allowed a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes per hole.

18-hole players must complete their round in 4 ½ hours or less.

9-hole players must complete their round in 2 ¼ hours or less.


Caddies are allowed for players in the 9-hole age divisions. Caddies are NOT PERMITTED for 18-hole age divisions – players competing in these age divisions must carry their own bag (or use a push cart). All players in all age divisions must walk during the play of each hole.

Each 9-hole player must provide their own caddie – players are not allowed to share the same caddie. Parents or other individuals at least 18 years of age are permitted to caddie.

The main function of caddies is to help juniors:

  • Learn the rules of golf
  • Maintain their pace of play
  • Keep track of their score

No other person may offer advice to the player other than their own caddie.

For the 9-hole age divisions, caddies may assist their player in accordance with the rules of golf, but are NOT PERMITTED TO COACH THE PLAYER TO THE EXTENT IT DELAYS PLAY.

Caddies must wear an official NGJG Tour caddie bib. Bibs are to be purchased from the Tour prior to the junior’s first event.


Caddies may rent a cart at their own expense to carry a players clubs; however, the player may not ride in the cart at any time except when being shuttled between holes (to keep pace of play). All players must walk during the play of each hole.


Players are limited to a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag.


If you enter an event that is already full, you will automatically be placed on the alternate/wait list in the order that you entered (time and date). If a spot becomes available and your number is next, you will automatically be added to the tournament. The Tour staff will contact your cell phone ASAP regarding your status. Your entry fee will only be charged if you actually get into the field and play.

FUTURE PRIORITY: If you are on the alternate list and do not make the final field for an event, you will be given priority status for the next event you enter.


Electronic rangefinders are permitted for distance ONLY. You may not use the type that measures slope, wind, etc. GPS measuring devices are also permitted.


All electronic devices – including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, iPads, headphones, etc. – are prohibited for use on the course during tournament play. These items should be turned off or set to silent mode during tournaments.


Play will be automatically suspended for lightning or other dangerous weather conditions. NGJG Tour staff will send a text alert to everyone should the need arise to evacuate the golf course, at which time players should mark the position of their ball and leave the course.

Text alerts will be sent to the phone number listed in the tour player’s BlueGolf profile.

In the event that bad weather shortens the stipulated tournament round, at least ½ of the holes must be completed by all players in an entire age division to be considered a completed tournament.

  • 9 holes: All players must finish 5 holes
  • 18 holes: All players must finish 9 holes

Parents and spectators are permitted, but must remain on the cart paths at all times. Parents and spectators may NOT interact with players at any time except to provide food or beverages.

Parents and spectators may rent carts at their own expense from the host course.


Practice round availability is at the discretion of the host site for each event. Most sites will offer a discounted practice round rate. When contacting the club/course for practice round information, please identify yourself as a member of the North Georgia Junior Golf Tour.

Please contact a NGJG staff member with any questions.

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